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Transylvanian Traditions Bakery ®  Location:1111 Davie Street, Vancouver BC
Telephone: 604-682-0096
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Chocolate cake filed with layers of home made chocolate

cream and dressed with chocolate fondant.

A fluffy chocolate mousse cake embedded with

vanilla cream puffs and topped with home made whipping cream.

Sunshine light..png Tiramisu Light.png

Orange cream cake embedded with pieces of mandarins,

topped with whipping cream and fresh fruits.

Lady fingers soaked in coffee, mascarpone cheese, home made whipping cream,

raw eggs and cocoa powder on top.

White cake soaked in home made chocolate syrup, rolled through crushed walnuts and

topped with home made whipped cream.

Home made filo pastries combined with vanilla cream cake, covered by a layer of whipping

cream mixed with roasted walnuts.

Dobos cake light.png

Thin layers of cake filed with chocolate cream,

nutella chocolate and butter cream.

Cream puff filled with special recipe chocolate

cream and home made whip cream.

Raspberry mousse Cake on a shortcake base, decorated with chocolate chips and fresh raspberries.

Layers of crispy nutella cake assorted with nutella & butter cream, toped with walnuts and hazelnuts.

Layers of crispy coconut cake assorted with pineapple & butter cream, toped with coconut sprinkles.

Layers of crispy walnut cake assorted with coffee & butter cream, toped with home made chocolate.

Layers of poppy seed cake assorted with vanilla & butter cream, toped with home made chocolate and sprinkles of coconut.

Creamy - Frothy
Creamy - moderate dry
Creamy - fluffy
Syrupy- Nutty
Creamy - Tender
Creamy - Fruity
Chocolaty - Syrupy

Chocolate cake dipped in home made rum syrup and garnished with home made chocolate cream

and whipped cream.

Chocolaty - Syrupy
warning rum.png

Bread crumbs cake dipped in syrup with lemon juice and rum flavour, home made whipping cream and crushed strawberries spread on top.

warning rum.png warning rum.png AWARE COFFEE.png be aware.png be aware.png be aware 2 (2).png Biscuit salamy lightbox.png

Home made chocolate cream mixed with crushed

biscuits and rum flavour

Creamy - Semi dense
warning rum.png be aware.png be aware 2 (2).png be aware (2).png be aware 2 (2).png be aware.png AWARE COFFEE.png Pastries

White cake with two layers of vanilla and nutella

cream, coffee and brandy flavour.

Creamy - Syrupy
be aware.png warning rum.png

White cake embedded with walnuts, filled with nutella cream, vanilla cream, butter cream and topped with caramelized walnuts.




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Creamy - fluffy